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  • Joe Pitcher

Elevating Build to Rent: Design Solutions for Modern Living

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban living, Build to Rent (BTR) schemes have emerged as a solution that marries convenience with quality. At Philip Cowan Interiors, we recognise the distinctive demands of these modern living spaces and embrace the challenge to create designs that elevate the rental experience. In this exploration, we delve into the world of BTR design, unveiling our strategies to enrich the living environments of the modern urban dweller.

Philip Cowan Interiors BTR build to rent
Philip Cowan Interiors BTR build to rent

Crafting Functionality and Aesthetics

BTR spaces are more than just apartments; they are homes for individuals seeking a balance of comfort, style, and functionality. Our design approach blends aesthetics with practicality, ensuring that each space is optimized for contemporary living.

Embracing the Power of Flexibility

Flexibility is a hallmark of modern living, and our designs for BTR spaces embrace this ethos.

Harmonizing Common Areas and Privacy

BTR schemes often include shared amenities that foster a sense of community, but privacy remains essential. Our designs strike a balance between communal areas that encourage social interaction and private spaces that offer retreat. Whether it's co-working spaces, lounges, or rooftop gardens, our designs aim to create seamless transitions between shared spaces and personal havens.

Quality Materials for Enduring Value

In BTR schemes, longevity is key. Our material choices reflect this understanding, with an emphasis on quality and durability. We believe that well-crafted interiors contribute to a positive rental experience and enhance the overall value of the property.

Personalisation for a Sense of Home

While BTR schemes offer convenience, personalization often remains a challenge. At Philip Cowan Interiors, we address this by integrating customizable design elements that allow residents to infuse their individuality into their living spaces.

The Philip Cowan Approach to BTR Design

Our approach to BTR design is rooted in innovation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of modern urban living. We collaborate closely with developers and property managers to comprehend the unique vision of each scheme. By blending aesthetics with functionality and a dash of personalization, we contribute to the evolution of rental living into a seamless blend of style and comfort.


In a world where BTR schemes are redefining urban living, Philip Cowan Interiors stands as a partner that adds value, comfort, and style to these spaces. Through our commitment to creating designs that align with the aspirations of modern renters, we elevate BTR living into an experience that's more than just a residence – it's a statement of modern urban living at its finest.


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