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Philip Cowan Interiors expertise

At Philip Cowan Interiors, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence tailored to a variety of sectors. Our comprehensive in-house project management service brings your visions to life, providing a journey from imagination to reality that's as seamless as it is captivating.

Philip Cowan Interiors Luxury Hospitality

Luxury Hospitality

Elevate the ambiance of prestigious hotels with our exquisite soft furnishings. From refined elegance to timeless allure, our expertise adds a touch of opulence to every space.

Healthcare Sanctuaries

Create spaces of comfort and healing in healthcare environments. Our expertise extends to projects like Oakpark Dewsbury and Wyndham Hall Oxfordshire, where we blend functionality with aesthetic appeal for the benefit of all.

Philip Cowan Interiors Healthcare Sanctuaries
Philip Cowan Interiors Bespoke Residences

Bespoke Residences

Transform high-end residential spaces into personalised havens. Crafting luxury, one stitch at a time, we bring your dream home to life with an unmatched level of attention to detail and sophistication.

Build to Rent (BTR) Schemes

Enhance purpose-built rental housing with our tailored soft furnishings. Our services align seamlessly with the needs of Build to Rent initiatives, ensuring comfort and style for residents while embracing the unique challenges of this dynamic sector.

Philip Cowan Interiors Build to Rent
Image by Austin Distel


Elevate educational environments with our exceptional soft furnishings. From lecture halls to common areas, we help create spaces that inspire learning and creativity, enhancing the educational experience for students and staff alike.

Discover the art of tailored craftsmanship that spans multiple sectors. Our meticulous site measuring, innovative design concepts, and bespoke manufacturing culminate in hand-finished masterpieces that reflect your unique style, no matter the sector. When you choose Philip Cowan Interiors, you choose the embodiment of excellence.

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